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        Label Ref # Title Category Wgt. Retail Buy
        YASH RAJ (CLUB) YRMCD 90000 Veer-Zaara (Music: Late Madan Mohan) 2004 Yash Chopra Film Starring Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta & Rani Mukherjee / Includes Free CD Making Of The Music - Presented by the Late Madan Mohan with Commentary by Lata Mangeskar & Yash Chopra Film 0.8 6.99
        EMI - RPG (GOLDEN) CDF 131089/90 The Golden Collection Madan Mohan / Ashiana, Bhai Bhai, Fifty Fifty, Memsahib, Dekh Kabira Roya, Gateway of India, Sheroo, Adalat, Aakhri Dao, Mohar, Duniya Na Mane, Man Mauji, Anpadh, Akeli Mat Jaiyo, Jahan Ara, Gazal, etc. (2 CD set) (ADD) Film Compilation 0.8 19.98
        T SERIES VERSION SVCD 1250 A Tribute to Madan Mohan Vol.2 / Singer: Anuradha Paudwal / Munimji - Main To Tum Sang Nain Mila Ke Haar Gai Sajna, Jailor - Hum Pyar Mein Jalne Walon Ko Chain Kahan, Sanjog - Badli Se Nikla Hai Chand, Pooja Ke Phool - Meri Aankhon Se Koi Neend..., etc. Film Compilation 0.4 2.99
        EMI - RPG CDF 120350 Dil Ki Rahen - Prabhat - Hindustan Ki Kasam / Music: Madan Mohan & Prem Parbat (Music: Jaidev) / (All 1973 Films) (ADD) Film 0.4 9.99
        CHHANDA DHARA SNCD 70193 Hariprasad Chaurasia (Flute) "Daylight Ragas" / Ragas: Desi, Shuddha Sarang, Dhun / Tabla: Madan Mohan Mishra / Tanpura: Shefali Nag & Ute Gleitze [74 mins.] (DDD) Classical 0.4 15.95
        EMI - RPG CDF 120081 Aandhi (1976) Music: R.D. Burman - Mausam (1975) - Dastak (1970) / Music: Madan Mohan Film 0.4 7.99
        EMI - RPG LATA USA SET 2 Living Legend Lata USA Concert 1995 - Commemorative Album Vol.2 / CDF 132049-Lata Live at Royal Albert Hall, CDF 132097-Haunting Melodies Lata, CDF 132245-I Remember Madan Mohan, CDF 132263-Lata Sings for Shankar Jaikishan, CDNF 152040-Sajda (5 CD set) Film Compilation 1.2 49.95
        EMI - RPG CDF 132245 I Remember Madan Mohan - Lata Mangeshkar / Sanjog - Woh Bhooli Dastan, Adalat - Jana Tha Hamse Door, Chacha Zindabad - Bairan Neend Na Aaye, Jailor - Hum Pyar Mein Jalnewalon Ko, Man-Mauji - Chanda Ja Re Ja, Jahan Ara - Woh Chup Rahen To, Haqeeqat, etc. Film Compilation 0.4 9.99






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