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        Craig Pruess

        Titles shown by default are our most recent releases

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        Label Ref # Title Category Wgt. Retail Buy
        HEAVEN ON EARTH MUSIC HOEM 12 Craig Pruess "Sacred Chants Of Buddha" (Music For Inner Peace) / Vajra Guru Mantra, Buddham Sharanam, Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Tara Devotional 0.4 11.95
        TIMES MUSIC PREMIUM TDIFU 005P Craig Pruess (Sitar, Tabla, Trumpet, Percussion, etc.) "Swagatam" / Welcome Home, Water Garden, Whispers, Opening Flower, The Swan, Mountain Call / Flute: B.K.Baral & D.P.Bannerjee / Tabla: A.K.Das Classical Fusion 0.4 12.95
        MELODY SINGLE MCD 1001 Eyes by Anu Malik (Music: Craig Pruess & Anu Malik) Eyes, One More Dance, The Moment You Look At Me, I Have No Pounds (4 Tracks) English 0.4 2.99






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